Juan Tamad Stories

Here’s our collection of stories about Juan Tamad. Juan Tamad and the Crab (Alimango) Juan Tamad and the Flea-Killer Juan Tamad Escapes a Beating Juan Tamad Takes a Bride Juan Tamad Courts Mariang Masipag Juan Tamad (Lazy John) Juan Tamad and the Guava Fruit

The Legend of Sampaloc Lake

San Pablo, a picturesque and progressive city in Southeastern Luzon, is sometimes known as the city of the seven lakes. All the seven lakes are rich with tales about thier respective origin. A favorite story is that Sampaloc Lake – the largest and most beautiful of the seven lakes. Once upon a time there lived … Read more

The Kind Deer

A big lion got trapped under a heavy trunk of a tree and could hardly move. A deer that was passing by saw him, the deer was afraid of him but it was so kind-hearted that it decided it help him get out of the heavy trunk. It scratched the soil around vigorously, then the … Read more