The Monkey Who Wanted To Swim

Once there was a monkey that could do so many things other animals could do. He could run fast, carry heavy loads, bark like a real dog and moan like a goat and many other things. He would always tell other animals that he is the most superior animal because he resembled a man.

One day, while he was walking near a river, two big ducks in the water challenged him to swim. He didn’t know how to swim but there were other animals that heard the challenged and prodded him to join the race in the water. He accepted the challenged and jumped at once into the water. But alas, the water was so deep that he drowned.

Source: Book of Fables 2
Prepared by: Pablo D. Baltazar, Edited by: Ofelia E. Concepcion
Copyright 2004, Juneecon Enterprises

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  • mae

    its that true?.. the stoery is amazing..

    • Plumbidoo

      Do you know the definition of a fable?

      • chuchu

        A fable is a fictitious story that use animals as characters in place of persons. This is because animals resemble human traits and it is to prevent fighting.