The Carabao Got Tired

A carabao got tired of working in the field and told his master he wouldn’t work anymore. He envied the cows that, from morning till night, were just grazing in the grasslands while he, from morning till night, worked hard in the field. From time to time he saw some cows being herded into a … Read more

Getting All The Fruits

A fox planted a fruit-bearing plant in a hill. When the plant started to bear fruit, the fox would go to the hill everyday to pick the fruit. Then he noticed that the plant bear only one fruit a day. It tired him to go the hill everyday only to find one fruit to pick. … Read more

The Monkey Who Wanted To Swim

Once there was a monkey that could do so many things other animals could do. He could run fast, carry heavy loads, bark like a real dog and moan like a goat and many other things. He would always tell other animals that he is the most superior animal because he resembled a man. One … Read more