The Rich and the Poor

Once upon a time there lived in the town of Pasig two honest men who were intimate friends. They were called Mayaman1 and Mahirap, because one was much richer than the other. One pleasant afternoon these two men made up their minds to take a long walk into the neighboring woods. Here, while they were … Read more

How Suan Became Rich

Pedro and Suan were friends. Pedro inherited a great fortune from his parents, who had recently died; but Suan was as poor as the poorest of beggars that ever lived. Early one morning Suan went to his friend, and said, “I wonder if you have a post that you do not need.” “Yes, I have … Read more

Suan Eket

Many years ago there lived in the country of Campao a boy named Suan. While this boy was studying in a private school, it was said that he could not pronounce the letter x very well—he called it “eket.” So his schoolmates nick-named him “Suan Eket.” Finally Suan left school, because, whenever he went there, … Read more