A Wrong Move

A dog saw a lonely heron and asked her why she looked so glum. The heron said she was so hungry but there was no fish in the swamp as it had dried up because of the summer heat. The dog told the heron that he knew a place where she could catch lots of fish. But he made her promise that she would give him a share of the catch. The heron gladly agreed and so they went.

They ended up in a small creek where lots of fish were swimming leisurely. The heron happily went to the water and in an instance had caught a big fish.

The dog approached her and asked her of his share in the catch. But the heron got greedy and decided to fly with the fish. She was about to fly when the dog grabbed her by the feet with his mouth.

“You don’t want to give me fish so you will be my food,” said the angry dog.

Source: Book of Fables 2
Prepared by: Pablo D. Baltazar, Edited by: Ofelia E. Concepcion
Copyright 2004, Juneecon Enterprises

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