Two Hungry Cats

A man who was watching the fish he was drying under the sun fell asleep. Two hungry cats that were looking for food saw the fish on the tray. They hid themselves in the bush near the wooden bench where the tray was. Then they talked between themselves who was going to get the fish on the tray

The white one prodded the yellow one to go and take the fish while he watched the sleeping man. But the yellow cat wanted the white cat to be the one to go and get the fish from the tray. Each one was prodding the other to get at the tray bet no one wanted to go. As they were arguing who would go for the fish, the man was awakened and, seeing the fish had dried, took the tray and left.

Source: Book of Fables 2
Prepared by: Pablo D. Baltazar, Edited by: Ofelia E. Concepcion
Copyright 2004, Juneecon Enterprises

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