The Dirty Cat

One day, a woman saw a dirty cat on her way home from the market. The cat was thin and it looked hungry. The woman took pity at it and took it home. She bathed the cat until it was so clean and smelled good. Then she gave it food and the cat ate until it was full.

The cat finally found a home. The woman was so kind to it that she let it live in her house. But alas, when ever the woman was not around, the cat would eat whatever food was there in the table. It had its way of skillfully snatching a piece of meat or fish even when the woman was around.

The woman got angry at the cat and drove it away with a broom stick.

Source: Book of Fables 2
Prepared by: Pablo D. Baltazar, Edited by: Ofelia E. Concepcion
Copyright 2004, Juneecon Enterprises

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