Juan Tamad and the Crab (Alimango)

Once, Lazy Juan was asked by
His mother to buy crabs.
Miraculously, Juan obeyed right away!

Even his rooster was amazed.
“What could Juan have eaten?
Could it be that my lazy friend
Has changed?”

Juan was lively, and was even swinging his arms
As he hurried towards the market.
“Can I buy some crabs?”
I want those with fleshy claws and lots of fat!”
The plump vendor chose the biggest ones
And tied then up well.

Juan was lively, and was even swinging his arms
As he hurried home,
Carrying the wriggling crabs.

From a distance, he could hear his friends playing
Near the riverbank. They were happily shouting
As they played with paper boats.

Juan wanted to join the fun.
“What about the crabs?” asked the rooster
“Crabs are smart,” said Juan.
“They can easily get to our place!
Don’t worry, I will carefully teach them
The way to our house.”

Juan released the crabs.
They quickly got into the water.
“See! They even found a shorter route!”

Lazy Juan played by the riverbank
Until it was noon.
His stomach was grumbling
As he hurried home.

“Where are the crabs, Juan?”
His mother was so angry.
“What took you so long? Where are the crabs?”

“I sent them home earlier, Mother.
Perhaps the crabs I bought were truants!”

Lazy Juan was so scared that he quickly hid
In their backyard. His rooster just shook its head and said:
“One can never rely on a lazy child.
It is better to be industrious than lazy!”