The Cat And The Horse

A cat wanted to go to the other side of the river but she didn’t know how to swim. She called the black horse that was crossing the river and asked him if he could carry her on his back so she could go to the other side. The black horse happily agreed and carried her on his back.

Upon reaching the ground at the other side of the river, a big snake came into view. The horse was frightened and he retreated back to the water. When the cat saw that the snake would attack the horse, she jumped to the ground and fierce fully fight the snake with her claws.

The snake quickly retreated to the bushes behind them. The cat and the horse then thanked each other.

Book of Fables 2
Prepared by: Pablo D. Baltazar, Edited by: Ofelia E. Concepcion
Copyright 2004, Juneecon Enterprises

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