The Beautiful Butterfly

Once there was a big butterfly that wanted to show the world how beautiful she was. She was the envy of all the butterflies and dragonflies in the field. To make everybody envious even more, she would fly and fly high and low and kiss the flowers in the garden every morning, flapping her colorful … Read more

Juan Tamad Takes a Bride

Juan Tamad’s mother said, “My son, it is time you took a woman to wife, for your mother grows old every day, older and more feeble.” “What manner of woman shall I bring home, mother?” said Juan. “A woman of few words,” said the mother of Juan. So Juan went off in search of a … Read more

Juan Tamad Escapes a Beating

One day, Juan’s father was very angry. “Aie!” cried the father of Juan Tamad in great anger. “Juan has again forgotten to water the carabao and the beast is hot and dry. When that good-for-nothing son of yours comes home, he will surely feel my lash on his lazy hide.” The kind mother who is … Read more

The Cat And The Horse

A cat wanted to go to the other side of the river but she didn’t know how to swim. She called the black horse that was crossing the river and asked him if he could carry her on his back so she could go to the other side. The black horse happily agreed and carried … Read more

Juan Tamad and the Flea-Killer

One weakness oftentimes leads to another. This is the same with the story of Juan Tamad’s laziness. As his body was lazy, so was his mind. Truth being often hard to tell, he took recourse to lies, which came easy to him. Telling lies became his second nature. One day his mother sent him to town to … Read more

The Dirty Cat

One day, a woman saw a dirty cat on her way home from the market. The cat was thin and it looked hungry. The woman took pity at it and took it home. She bathed the cat until it was so clean and smelled good. Then she gave it food and the cat ate until … Read more

Two Hungry Cats

A man who was watching the fish he was drying under the sun fell asleep. Two hungry cats that were looking for food saw the fish on the tray. They hid themselves in the bush near the wooden bench where the tray was. Then they talked between themselves who was going to get the fish … Read more

The Carabao Got Tired

A carabao got tired of working in the field and told his master he wouldn’t work anymore. He envied the cows that, from morning till night, were just grazing in the grasslands while he, from morning till night, worked hard in the field. From time to time he saw some cows being herded into a … Read more

Getting All The Fruits

A fox planted a fruit-bearing plant in a hill. When the plant started to bear fruit, the fox would go to the hill everyday to pick the fruit. Then he noticed that the plant bear only one fruit a day. It tired him to go the hill everyday only to find one fruit to pick. … Read more

The Monkey Who Wanted To Swim

Once there was a monkey that could do so many things other animals could do. He could run fast, carry heavy loads, bark like a real dog and moan like a goat and many other things. He would always tell other animals that he is the most superior animal because he resembled a man. One … Read more